Welcome to The Bishy Weigh!

Pop in and see us at our store on the corner of beautiful Bishopthorpe Road high street. Inside, you will find hundreds of ingredients, household goods, toiletries and gifts to choose from, all without plastic packaging.

Most of our products are sold by weight, allowing you to buy just as much or as little as you need. You are very welcome to bring your own containers from home to refill, buy new containers in-store, or use our recycled paper bags.

Alice and her friendly team are here to help you discover easy and achievable ways to live a little bit greener.

How It Works

Our weigh and pay system is user-friendly, and The Bishy Weigh team are always happy to help and show you how it works.

Weigh your empty container with its lid and print a Container Sticker. These will survive a few washes so make sure to stick them securely to your container so you don’t need to weigh it empty each time you visit.

Fill your container with as much or as little as you like of your chosen product.

Scan the Container Sticker and weigh your filled container. Select the product from the menu and print a Product Sticker.

Take your container to the till to be scanned, and to pay.